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View into a collection room with baroque paintings.

Loan requests

Loan requests

If your institution is considering borrowing an artwork for an exhibition,
please send a loan request by post to the attention of Dr Hermann Arnhold,
Director of the LWL Museum, no later than nine months before the planned
exhibition opening. Loan requests that do not meet this deadline cannot be
considered, due to our internal procedures. If the exhibition is organised in
cooperation with other institutions, each partner must send a separate loan
Your loan request should include the following:

  • Title of the exhibition
  • Duration and location of the exhibition
  • Exhibition concept and goals
  • List of requested exhibits with inventory numbers
  • Explanation of the relevance of the requested piece
  • Climatic curve at your exhibition venue from the corresponding period in the previous year
  • Facility report

Restricted list

Many works of art are repeatedly requested for exhibitions due to their outstanding historical or artistic value. Some of them, however, are particularly precious and fragile, so that they cannot travel and are therefore placed on the restricted list. These pieces cannot leave the museum.


If you have any questions, please contact our registrar Annika Thewes.

Tel: 0251 59 07 225